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Another fantastic Wagga visit

Several members (Megan, Simon Erin and Peter) of the Solomon lab have just returned from the annual visit to NSW DPI in Wagga where we were hosted by Drs Andrew Milgate and Kurt Lindbeck. Kurt showed us through a variety of legume diseases (chocolate spot, aschochyta blight etc) as well as canola infected with Sclerotinia and black leg. As we are more familiar with cereal diseases, this was a great introduction to some of the more damaging legume and canola diseases.

We then moved onto the wheat/barley diseases where Andrew showed us some great examples of Septoria tritici blotch, yellow leaf spot, stripe rust, net blotch and scald. All in all, a very worthwhile exercise and really underpins why we work on managing these diseases. We thank Andrew and Kurt greatly for their time and look forward to being back next year!

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