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A plant infection poem - brilliant!

A former PhD student of mine, Dr. Ormonde Waters, had a gift of the gab (and undoubtedly still has!). He had very clever creative streak and a fantastic knack of drafting a poem, on of all things, plant diseases! Here is an example he drafted a few years ago entitled "The Host" ...

The Host

Unseen, unwanted come the horde -

A windborne host of propagules that spored

On last year’s stubble lying dry and dead;

In search of hosts of other hosts they spread.

A random landing handing them a chance

To wreak their necromancy on host plants.

A cell wall burst, or through stomata flow

To kill and feast on dying cells below.

Green leaves brown and pepper speckles form

From oozing blisters, new grown sisters swarm

To again take flight arriving at new posts

And thus make ghosts of hosts of hosts of hosts.

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