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Past members of the Solomon lab





Reynaldi Darma - PhD completion


Haochen Wei - PhD completion

Ashleigh Thomson - Honours

Victoria Pfitz - Masters


Yi-Chang Sung - PhD completion

Arabella Davey - Honours


Dr. Megan McDonald - Megan has now started her own lab at the University of Birmingham UK and can be contact here

Chen Wang - PhD completion

Hannah Wilson - Honours student 


Ayiri Zelinsky - Honours student

Catherine Moggach - BIOL3208 student working on the nutritional requirement of Bipolaris sorokiniana 

Haseena Khan - PhD completion


Dr. Simon Williams - Simon now has a faculty position in the Research School of Biology here at ANU. You can follow his progress here.

Jessie Henderson - Jessie was a BIOL3208 Project Student in the lab working on "The characterisation of novel necrosis-inducing proteins"

Oliver Mead - Has a position as a Postdoc with Assoc. Prof. Maja Adamska at ANU

Adam Taranto - Working with Assoc. Prof. Ioannis Sterigopolous at UC Davis

Tim Green - Honours student (now at NSW DPI)

Karen Goncalves - Visiting Student from Quebec

Brian Wang - Honours student



Dr. Eli Thynne - Phd completion and is now a Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. Ksenia.Krasileva at The Sainsbury Laboratory

Dr. Shao-Yu Lin - PhD completion

Emily Green - Completed Honours in the Solomon lab (in collaboration with NSW DPI).

Reshi Shanmuganathan - Visiting Student from University of Manchester, UK.



Dr. Susan Breen - Has a position as a Postdoctoral Fellow with CSIRO.



Dr. Mariano Jordi Muria-Gonzalez - Has a position as a Postdoctoral Fellow with CCDM at Curtin University.

Dr. Yit-Heng Chooi - DECRA Fellow. Heng now has his own group at the University of Western Australia. You can follow his progress here.


Dr. Britta Winterberg - Postdoctoral Scientist (2011-2015)


George Zhang - Honours student





Sarah Roesler - Visiting Student, University of Munster, Germany


Melanie Wagner - PhD Student




Lauren Du Fall - PhD Student





Dr. Delphine Vincent - Postdoctoral Scientist (2009-2011)


Mirka Novakova - Visiting Student, Institute of Experiemental Botany, Czech Republic


Liam Cassidy - PhD Student





Nicolas Ballois - Visiting Student





Dr. Corinna Paeper - Postdoctoral Scientist (2009-2010)


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