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Peter Solomon solomon anu
Professor Peter Solomon (email)


Lab Leader

Peter completed his undergraduate degree and subsequent PhD studies at The University of Queensland investigating the role of molybdenum containing enzymes in the photosynthetic bacterium Rhodobacter capsulatus. He then undertook a postdoctoral position at the Carlsberg Laboratory in Denmark investigating the nutritional basis of the tomato-Cladosporium fulvum interaction. In 2000, he moved to the Australian Centre for Necrotrophic Fungal Pathogens located at Murdoch University in Perth to further investigate fungal-plant interactions using the Parastagonospora nodorum-wheat interaction. In 2008, Peter accepted a Lab Leader position in the Research School of Biology at The Australian National University where his research group is focused on wheat biosecurity. Recently, Peter was awarded an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship to expand his group's interest to cover the devastating wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici.


Peter is a Executive Member of the Expert Working Group on Control of Wheat Pathogens and Pests within the Wheat Initiative (more details here).The EWG on Control of Wheat Pathogens and Pests aims to facilitate global coordination of efforts to develop management and gene stewardship deployment strategies. These activities are expected to lead to reductions in yield losses due to diseases and pests, and therefore contribute to the enhancement of global food security.


In the recent past, Peter has been a member of the European COST Action FA1208 which is focussed on pathogen-informed strategies for sustainable broad-spectrum crop resistance (more details here).


Peter is also heavily involed in undergraduate teaching at ANU including having co-convening roles in in BIOL3107 (Advances in Medical and Plant Biochemistry) and BIOL3106 (Biosecurity) as well as contributing to BIOL3177 (Advances in Plant Science) and supervising BIOL3208 projects.

Erin Hill, Solomon lab, wheat biosecurity
Dr. Bayantes Dagvadorj (email)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Dissecting the molecular basis of effector-triggered susceptibility


Areas of Expertise: Protein interactions, Expression of proteins in model plant systems, Co-immunoprecitations


More information can be found here on Bayantes's skills and publications.

Haochen Wei (email)
PhD Student
Using RNAseq to dissect disease mechanisms in the cereal pathogen Bipolaris sorokiniana




Yi-Chang Sun (email)
PhD Student
Dissection of the Tox3-PR1 protein interaction in the Parastagonospora nodorum-wheat interaction




Reynaldi (Rey) Darma (email)
PhD Student
Characterisation of the Rhynchosporium commune - barley interaction




Erin Hill (email)
PhD Student
Characterising secretory pathways in dothideomycete wheat and barley pathogens 




Hannah Wilson (email)
PhD Student 
Characterising the mechanism of PR-1 in model plant systems




Arabella Davey (email)
Honours Student 
Dissecting the role of wheat EVs in response to biotic stress